Mission Statement

Eat healthy, exercise, connect with your inner self, make sure to get your proper rest and you will achieve vitality to reach 100!

Marz Nutrition provides superior quality, science-based nutraceuticals to the medical community, with the intention of creating restorative and therapeutic health benefits for patients and individuals through supplemental nutrition.

Nutrition is the act or process of providing nourishment in order to promote wellness via growth and development and to prevent disease. In physiology, nourishment is achieved primarily through ingestion of nutrients followed by satisfactory assimilation.

We all can agree that great health comes in part from a well nourished body which also results in a sound mind and balanced emotions. During the last century, our company has primarily focused on providing effective nourishment for the complete well-being of the human organism.

We are all living on a planet that requires some extra attention and awareness toward its health, so this century, Marz Nutrition is focused on appropriate business strategies, practices and goals that provide effective nourishment and sustainability for the well being of our world as a living organism.

Dr. Russell B. Marz, Triathlete