OmniBalance Sweetener



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OmniBalance Sweetener

Omnibalance Sweetener is a unique product that combines two herbs, a vitamin and mineral into a great tasting powder that has remarkable effects at controlling blood sugar levels. It may be used to sweeten your favorite beverage, baked goods or any food product that requires a sweetener. Amazingly, it will not raise your blood sugar levels. In fact, it may actually decrease or stabilize your blood sugar, lower your body weight and prevent dental cavities as well. In addition the high levels of fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) in Omnibalance are beneficial for the good bacteria in your intestines, including Lactobacillus acidophilus.

Omnibalance has insignificant calories and can be used in great quantities without fear of weight gain or other serious problems. Studies have shown no changes in blood glucose levels when Stevia was consumed as a sweetener. Omnibalance, which contains Stevia as a sweetener, may be used several times daily as a nutritional supplement providing chromium to control blood sugar abnormalities and pantothenic acid to strengthen adrenal glands weakened by stress.

Note: Information presented is based on current scientific research. No claim is made regarding products use in the treatment, prevention or care of any disease.

Omnibalance Sweetener can be used as a healthy natural sweetener and nutritional supplement in desserts and your favorite foods or drinks. It can also be taken alone for its nutritional value. Omnibalance does not lose its health benefits after cooking or baking. In addition it does not have the bitter aftertaste common to other forms of Stevia. There are several Stevia cookbooks that can be used as a guideline for Omnibalance recipes. We estimate that Omnibalance is between 4 to 8 times sweeter than table sugar (sucrose cane sugar).

Omnibalance does not possess all of the same baking qualities of conventional sweeteners because it is a powder and does not contain granular simple sugars. For instance, it does not caramelize so you can not use it to make sticky buns. It is also more dense than granulated table sugar and when baking, you will need to use more leavening agents.